"Stage property" Royal level

Stage property

There is a stage of life called "Royal stage" Royal level!..
When you get to this stage, you won't find yourself compelled to engage in any discussion or debate, and if I had it I won't try to prove who is arguing with you, he is wrong.
If someone lies to you that is lying to you, and instead of communicating with you, you're welcome to reveal its shape and it lies with you know the truth!.
You realize you can't repair the universe, whatever the situation 
will remain ignorant educated, Would still be stupid!.

Throwing all your troubles and worries and things that are bothering you behind your back and will complement your life. Yes, you think about things that are bothering you from time to time. But don't worry; the Royal stage will return again.

Walk down the street smiling a wry smile; King and you see people reciting and jostling and fool each other for things you don't need and are worthless!

You know well that today's joy doesn't last and may be a precursor to tomorrow's melancholy and vice versa!
Grow your faith in God, and certainly will be good with God has chosen for you.
If you got days to that point don't try to change yourself, you might become King over yourself, very conscious, assured inside you!
As we age our senses heightened, we realized that if we wore hours 300 or 3000 it will give you the same timing.
If we had (wallet) 30 or 300 will not differ within them.
If we lived in a dwelling area 300 meters or 3000 meters, the level one loneliness.
And in the end we do not have happiness in material things, whether installed first class or economy class, you will arrive to your destination on time.
So no they addressed your children to be rich but to teach them how to be godly, and when they grow up they'll look at the value of things not worth.
Fast days are scary! What if I put my head on the pillow, shining light of dawn, waking up only due to sleep.
Our days are going and don't stop!
I say to myself: really, Saeed from his newspaper filled deeds.
Picking up around us, and the dead are racing ahead.
Work is valid.
Take peace-chanting with ears-keep your prayers-barricade yourselves-pray wombs-keep the love you very sincerely-smile for people-keep something from the Quran-believe-praise-surely grown up-fast-pray on the Prophet (saws)-suspended hearts eschatology, Dunya don't last anyway and not sleeping gas.

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