Secrets of the hidden energy in humans

Secrets of the hidden energy in humans

Dr Ibrahim elfiky

When you're on a high degree of enthusiasm, high energy. Isn't it?
The motives that provides you with energy, but you always need something besides motivation to generate a large amount of energy, guiding you through the greatest means by which you can increase your energy in an efficient manner.
I believe that people can be classified into three types:

Type 1: are successful people in all respects.
Work hard and smart and eat healthily and exercise exercise regularly and always devote enough time for themselves and their families, and have to live healthy and balanced lives.

Type II: are people who concentrated their success on their work and they have a major goal in life is to work hard and to expand employment and wealth creation. Indeed, they are successful financially, but that success comes at the expense of other areas of their lives. For example, have an unhealthy food, smoke, drink tea and coffee addicts, greedily and perhaps abuse alcohol and rarely have time to exercise anyPhysical exercise and people always complain that there's no time for any thing other than work and they are always busy because of work commitments.

The third kind: the kind of people he is living his life in a vicious circle is a group that starts her day with a cigarette and a cup of coffee and then begin their war with traffic back to work and come back another day to the House for a quicker meal to eat regardless of their nutritional value and watching tv until this beats them sleep. Understanding with the cigarette and coffee all day, They rarely think of any sport, and after that bad fortune to mourn their deteriorating health and vulnerable.

These three types of people exist everywhere in the world, so much so that some researchers in America have found that one of every two Americans die of heart disease and one out of three die of cancer, these people fall in the trap of upgrading their lives rather than to actually live their lives.

And he said Georges Bernard Shaw ((a healthy mind in a healthy body must upgrade both to live a healthy life)).

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