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!!!!!!!!! No_cut_yourself 

 Laws of mind

# No_cut_yourself !!!!!!!!!
# Laws of mind
It is said that one of the kings delayed his wife in the birth of the Crown Prince, and sent in the wake of doctors from all parts of the Kingdom ...
And God willing that the healing of the Queen at their hands bore the Queen of the Covenant and flew the king so glad and took promises of the days of the Prince ...
When the queen put her baby, everyone was astonished. He was born with one ear !!!!
The King was troubled by this and feared that the little prince would have a psychological complex that turned him from the throne of the government. He gathered his ministers and advisers and presented them with the matter.
So one of the advisers said to him: It's simple, King ... I cut off all newborns and so they like the Prince.
The king was impressed by the idea and it was usually the country that whenever a child was born they cut off his ear ... and as it went on for decades until the whole society with one ear.
And it happened that a young man came to the Kingdom and had ears as it is in the origin of the creation of human beings surprised residents of the Kingdom of this strange phenomenon and made him the subject of ridicule and they do not call him only (ears) even fed them fed up and decided to cut his ear to become one of them !!!
Can a community be fully disabled ???
Yes .. This has happened thousands of times in the history of mankind, God was sending prophets to correct the disabilities of intellectual, behavioral and religious communities ..
The community of Abraham was disabled by the polytheism, and Abraham was a stranger among them because he did not practice disability.
Lot was disabled, and Lot was a stranger because he did not practice their disability .....
And the community of Shu'ayb disabled by riba and Altviv, was Shoaib among them strange because he was not practicing disability ...
We have a jurisprudential rule that says:
(Consensus of people on something that does not solve)
(The mistake remains wrong even if all people do, and the right remains true even if no one did)
Do not cut your ear !!!!
If you are certain that you are right, do not give it up to satisfy them ...
If they are not ashamed of their mistake, you are not ashamed of your right.
And always remember that the word "most people" what came in the Koran but followed:
They do not know ...
they do not know...
Do not thank ..

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