The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense

One study has shown that specialize in research and studies in the United States, that men are more skill and ability to lie than women which contradicts many statements of some famous men.

Lying and intelligence

The same study linked IQ levels lying explained that the higher the level of intelligence said the desire to lie lower level of intelligence increased desire and ability to lie, saying that lying is also associated with men, as old said his ability to lie even if you wanted to practice lying to the list.
The study recorded the high ability of men to exercise lie in that among four men lying only one man not mastered lying it stutters and skips while that probably pushes him to fool the disordered and explain new of all six men revealed one man's fool in the end.

The sixth sense

In the same context other studies have demonstrated the ability of women to detect a lie man, so that during a face to face communication between women and men and non-verbal signals are 60 to 80 per cent of the effect of the message while the sounds and words for the rest.Here works your sensuous woman to capture this information and analyze it as the ability to quickly navigate between naughty brain makes her better able to integrate and decipher verbal and Visual meanings gaps and other signals.

In other words we can say that the sixth sense of women able to detect lies.

Where studies revealed that 60% of Arab women enjoyed and 70% of marriages which adopted the girl on her nosy reporter skills on 6.

Secret discovery of betrayal.

The sixth branch of the albarasikolgi science or psychology, parapsychology, and animal and human-owned, women-owned and for being the most sensitive of men, her heart may have cheated on her husband and others contend that it is only myths women entertainers, but ultimately prove she assented.

The psychology experts contend that human intuition is often honest, noting the need to believe if he controls a person disturbing that something's wrong.

Here it is the person that knows it's time to face problems and solve them; that sixth sense portends.

As well as the experts stress that this sixth sense be stronger when women than men, as they appreciate him to read minds and have unique experience in reading her little ideas and see her feelings despite his inability in the first stages of expression or pronunciation

However, women generally tended to regardless of intuition as a myth, experts say, that they have to hire a sixth more, where they often discover it.

Discover your potential

Dear Eve.

If you are not sure about your sixth sense, here's the next test, just answer the questions with the word (Yes) or (no) 1-have you ever canceled a project or decision because you felt something mysterious about him?

2. do you wake up from your sleep before ringing at?

3. always do your dreams?

4. did you see people and feel you've seen him before?

5. do you see dead people in your dreams?

6. do you ever take a long time to make decisions?

7. do you get bad luck?

8. do you consider yourself a lucky character?

9. do you believe in love at first sight?

10. when one asked your friends to warn a number, are you saying the right number?

11. are the real life aspect coincidence?

12. you're out making decisions without a specific reason?

13. can you expect inside a gift box without opening it?

14. can you feel something bad happen?

15. do you feel when you meet your partner and twin soul?

The result

If most of your answers with the word (not) then you are not one of those people who have a sixth sense. But your answers show you trust your instincts.

You always find yourself refuse advice from loyal friends without mentioning reasons.

Watch out, don't let your instincts control actions, man is the only creature who created the ability to restrain his instinct.

Try listening to your inner voice, that intuition that tells you about things that might happen to you and bring you a bit of happiness.

If most of your answers with the word (Yes) you're character enjoys a great deal of intuition and expectation of what is happening, Hollander always tells you things before they happen.

Your hunch is to stay quiet to always listen to the voice deep inside and is telling you about the internal sense things.

Just remember that the person who has the sixth sense can avoid annoying things that might happen to him in life.

My girlfriend do you remember which ratified the position

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