Do women like sexual violence ?

 ? Do women like sexual violence

Sex is the most beautiful thing in our lives, especially our marital life, which is the basis of the solid and the source of happiness in the back and the beloved thing to both husband and wife.
And sex triggers lead to the occurrence of which is done by the woman herself from the temptation to the husband in sexy clothes that raise his sexual arousal or fragrant perfume tugging the heart of the husband or seduction movements known to women and pave the process of sexual caresses and make the husband falls in the nets
There is another aspect that already exists and is not talked about many wives are ashamed to tell their husbands and ask them despite their love for him, but the use of mild and mild violence in the sexual process and if the husband knew to use it properly to bring his wife to the maximum degree of sexual pleasure. However, the important observation and advice for couples is that the violence is harmful to the feelings of the woman and her body, and that violence does not become harmful to women or causes psychological damage. Women are very important and should be treated with care even when using gentle sexual violence.
Violence in the sexual relationship and what we are talking about here is the reasonable level of violence and not violence and disease and sad and varied 
: forms of violence loved by women during sex, for example

 : Beating on the backside

The most exciting things for any woman, because they move their sense of femininity and sense of control of the full man, the woman likes to show interest in the back, because it is the most important difference between them and men in the form of the body. The beautiful ass shows fertility and femininity of course .and this is what every woman knows

: Binding and restriction during sex

One of the things that makes the girl raised to the maximum degree, because then feel as if the will of the will and weak, as it feels that the man in the strongest form. And this makes them reach the highest degree of orgasm, because this feels her truth as a female and that it belongs to a strong man doing what he wants

: Cover the eyes

  Is linked to a large restriction and binding coverage of the eyes makes the woman feel full disability and acceptance and submission to the man because they do not know what to do in the next step every movement will be a surprise and will make them more aroused and awaiting for his next movement.

: Beating and biting light, hair tightening

These means need skill and knowledge of the large man of the woman's mood because it is not linked to a certain time sometimes feel the woman is a bit of boredom of sexual relationship, so some of the activation of the sensory cells is very useful to re-excitement of the marital relationship light beating women feel some pain, The largest and time they respond to any sexy and that it was also simple Biting light, especially for the chest or nipple Women feel a large sexual card to make them interact more during sex

: Ugly words during sex

This is one of the most common things that women love, which are always ashamed to mention to their husbands. The woman likes to hear from her husband everything that is related to sex, but in the language of men, talk about the sexual process during sex, mention the genitals in colloquial language, Women love to hear the ugly words as you like to hear the words of love and spinning because it awakens within them all pent-up feelings that can not be shown before the community and sends them in another world of ecstasy Have fun

These and other points Women feel a lot of change during sex, of course not all women as well but these things are popular with many women is important to .know how to use in a timely manner

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