Ejaculation speed in men ... 5 techniques for treatment

Ejaculation speed in men ... 5 techniques for treatment

Ejaculation is a common problem with a high proportion of men, a temporary problem related to age or psychological status in some of them, and a chronic problem among others.
The problem involves many men who want to stay longer in bed in order to practice intimate relationships with their wives. The loss of ability to control ejaculation is a weakness of sexual function in men, where they are unable to control ejaculation, Accompanying the ejaculation of semen when establishing an intimate relationship.
 In the following article, dear man will give you some ways and techniques to treat premature ejaculation, so that you and your wife enjoy an intimate
relationship for as long as possible

Change the process or method

In the process of intimacy, when you feel close to the peak make a change, stop the methods that excite you and start working in the other direction, pamper your wife, until the peak rush, and after a few minutes you can enjoy excitement again, this time you can hold longer.

: Change status

In the process of intimate relationship with the partner, and when you feel your proximity to ejaculation, stop the process of access, and the situation, changing it will reduce your desire for ejaculation, and lengthen the time of your sexual function.

: Put a man on the ground

  During the establishment of intimacy, access, put one man on the ground, the feeling of cold caused by the earth to distract your focus, and change the direction of your thinking, and thus slow the speed of ejaculation, and do not worry, your adoption of this technique will not affect your sexual contact with your wife.

: The Back Ring

You can get this episode from the pharmacy, or buy it through reliable websites, and use it to pressure the base of the sexual organ, and thus delay ejaculation.

: Condoms

   The use of condoms reduces the sense of the process of entry, and thus delay ejaculation of your dear man, to be able to hold longer in the practice of intimate relationship.

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