Have you actually fallen in love? How do you know that?

? Have you actually fallen in love? How do you know that

Love is that strange feeling that leaks into your heart slowly so that you can fully feel without it, suddenly you find yourself drowning in it until your ears, flying like a bird in the sky of the one you love, that smile belongs to the idiots Everything around you seems very magnificence and warmth.

  ? But are those feelings enough to make sure you are in love

Many confuse the admiration and feelings of true love, admiration usually fade with time because it is based on the attraction of a specific physical or psychological property owned by the other party, while love lasts long and not based on one character of the beloved, but combines all its qualities.

It is necessary for both men and women to distinguish between feelings of admiration and love to avoid future disappointments. Here is a set of indicators that show that you are in true love:

You can not stop thinking about that person

Do not imagine your life or your future without it

  Always agree

  You feel a better person by being there

Never tire of talking to him

You can never reject a request

  You feel a strange happiness near him

  You see his flaws clearly but still love him

  You will not give up whatever happens

  Notes its most precise details

  Always try to satisfy him

  Trust him blindly

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