How do I know that my wife is reaching sexual satisfaction

How do I know that my wife is reaching sexual satisfaction

Women pass through several stages during intercourse and before mental and physical preparation and many others, and through foreplay know the man that the woman reached to the extent that can not tolerate more without this process, and then comes the role of men in their ability to deliver to the last stages of the process is difficult and tired for men and women not from Performance, responsiveness, responsiveness, responsiveness and knowledge of the limits reached by women.
The first she may have reached a stage of tiredness and exhaustion is her pleasure to complete her enjoyment with her husband. You may feel embarrassed and embarrassed to disclose it.
The second is that her love for her husband may make her take this role so as not to upset her own self and endure the physical and psychological pain of not ending her appetite in the right way
And make sure you man that if you find out that your wife has played this role is a human being of love and sacrifice to you. Do not deprive her of her right even if not disclosed and there are signs shared by all women at the landing:

Facial expressions (eyebrow height, lack of pupil-blackness, and biting of the lips) change very clearly in the shoulders and chest area. Her pelvic movement sharply reduced vaginal contractions. A loud cry was heard as she started from the lower area and came out from between her lips

Women in the middle stage of the process have a response to the man and contribute to the completion of the process and find them physically responsive and psychologically.
But in the last stage you find it different and pesky and serious about all that passed by you, not in terms of response or interaction, but you find in a psychological and physical situation is not responsive to you in the most difficult stage and the most difficult position to pass by the fierce and unstable and groans and sighs Which is not very saturated at this stage is fierce and uncontrolled and find them moving in all directions under you and can not catch them unless you have already placed your hands under her arms and buzz well. And you will be in the valley of another valley, and not between you the most physical contact, but prefer in the final saturation, to be held under the head under your hands under her arms and control it completely without escaping you and in the last moments of violent download will find it has begun to relax resistance and began to feel you With her shivers under you and began her hands and her whole body absorbed from under you. And feel the relaxation of the member - (vagina) instead of Ikon lost on the penis. I feel her vagina thicken and sit for a moment to fully clean. She does not move or respond in those moments until she regains her full consciousness and feels the tightness of her vagina and after several minutes feel that her vagina began to pick up the male member. And that the water come out a lot, especially during the constriction and relaxation of the member Intui. She will tell you that she feels that her vagina swelling and that constriction began to decrease and prefer not to ask the penis to ask you to do so and tried to wipe her hair and breathe in her neck feel her hair. And the shampoo of her body and before her lips and manipulation of her nipples and nipples. Do not ask you to stop. It does not need psychological and physical comfort and it does not strengthen the moment to stand up next to you to ask you or you are out of bed.

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