How does my wife gather for the wedding night?

How does my wife gather for the wedding night


In this article we will remind you of the correct methods of intercourse and its stages, in a precise scientific way, away from obscene words.
Before touching on sexual intercourse and his steps that it is not required as some believe that the intercourse between the couple and the resolution of the hymen on the night of Dakhla, and it is okay to rest the bridegroom and his bride on the first night Leslie tiredness and tension and anxiety, and be ready for that physically and psychologically, and to practice the husband that night caresses Through spinning, love, gentle touch and a light dinner. So they feel comfortable and willing to have sex.
The couple must realize that they are in a new life that requires them to move towards the right beginning. The couple should not think too much about this subject, and should not be worried about this night. The couple should pray to a group that may God be happy and happy. The couple should invite Allaah to reconcile between them and facilitate their path, and the husband should call upon the following du'aa ': "O Allaah, I ask you good and good, and I will seek refuge in you from the evil and evil that I have overcome."
Stages of sex (intercourse):
1 - stage excitement Start this stage through beautiful speech and emotional communication using the looks and smiles, and the man at this stage expresses his love to his wife without any sexual contact, and may include this stage some kisses and caresses
2 - stage of sexual intercourse
Sexual intercourse is defined as the sexual intercourse of a man with a woman, and the occurrence of tingling, nausea, touching and penetration. There are more than 150 situations that the husband and wife may resort to during sexual intercourse and can be applied to reach desired orgasm. A man should adapt to his wife during sexual intercourse; she may prefer a position over another; some women may reach orgasm through a certain situation without another.
The best types of sexual intercourse is to achieve full orgasm in the couple, through the stage of petting and fondling and fondling for long periods, and then sexual intercourse
3. Relaxation phase
The stage of relaxation is the last stage that the couple may reach; as they reach full sleep, feel this stage tired, and the apparent idle in the man.
The man should not neglect his wife at this stage and sleep; because she prefers to express her love at this stage, and modern science has proved this talk and said that the marital relationship to be completed, the man should not drown in his sleep and exchange his wife feeling in his love for her

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