How obesity affects sexual relations

How obesity affects sexual relations

Obesity has become one of the most prevalent and prevalent diseases in all human societies, as it negatively affects the way people live and live. And among the negative effects of excess weight.

Where the results showed that the negative impact of obesity does not stop at the negative perception of the external shape of the body, but includes this effect to the genitals and more in women, which plays a key role in many cases of infertility.

All cases of obesity caused by the original disorders of the function of some endocrine and associated with sexual weakness or lack of growth of the genitals. It is treated by treating the original cause of obesity. If it is possible to treat the hormone cause of the treatment of the gland improves the organic and sexual deficiencies as well.

The increase in body fat affects the internal organs, not only the effect on the external appearance, but also affect the performance of internal genital organs, loss of intimacy, and erectile dysfunction. If the obesity of both spouses may prevent the penetration of the penis in the vagina and thus reduce the chances of pregnancy. We find an increase in infertility and obesity in women, it affects the sexual ability indirectly.

Obesity associated with pituitary gland disorders may be associated with the absence of testicles in the scrotum, or may be accompanied by obvious genital atrophy, loss of intimacy, and erectile dysfunction. In advanced cases, the husband may become infertile due to the lack of peak due to the return of semen to the bladder. The higher the BMI, the higher the negative impact on performance.

Obesity is the common factor of many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart, arteriosclerosis, bone diseases such as knees stiffness, arthritis, back pain, and spine. All of these diseases have significant effects on sexual ability. .

Obesity also causes fungal infections and the emission of unpleasant odors from the skin, and infection in the genital areas leading to sepsis and inflammation, all of which affect the performance of the special relationship, and may be a cause of loss of desire.

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