How to choose your right partner?

 ? How to choose your right partner

Choose a life partner

When a young male or female reaches a certain age, he begins to think about the idea of marriage and engagement. Perhaps the most important question that comes to young men and women, especially after the age of twenty, is how do I choose a partner or partner? Each of them begins to think about the specifications that must be present at the other end, what negatives can be overlooked or not, and so on.

Styles choose a life partner

The rational person, the person who thinks about anything and seriously before making his decision, and his calculations are logical and rational, so devoid of any emotional aspect.
 The emotional person, a very sensitive person, who adopted his decision mostly based on his emotions and feelings, his passion precedes his mind and is defending his partner in front of others to the great love of him, love is the basis.
A social person, a person who chooses his or her life partner based on the family's opinions and surroundings.
The physical person, who chooses his or her partner based on specific physical and shape specifications, such as length, weight or even skin color and so on

Specifications of life partner

Be a moderate religious person who knows God in his words, actions and cares; because a person who is not afraid of God will not care for you and will not know how to treat you well.
 To belong to a noble family, known for its good creation, reputation and raising its children.
 Can afford the costs of marriage, such as living expenses, family planning costs and the opening of an independent home.
 To have physical and psychological health that also qualifies him to have children and raise them.
 To be rational enough to be able to understand with him; because problems, for example, are part of this life, and if this person does not discuss, how you will understand with him the rest of life!
 Has sufficient and appropriate responsibility, which enables him to open a home and family and have children and raise them and deal with them cautiously.
That his economic situation is good, because life requires substantial material costs of food, clothing, special expenses and entertainment as well.
You have to study its qualities and advantages and disadvantages, too, and face well, some have defects that can not be accepted, while there are defects or bad habits can be overlooked or even live with them.
 Avoid people who have certain qualities that can not be tolerated for example

Tips for Choosing a Life Partner

Identify the qualities that you wish to be at the other end, this inevitably makes it easier for you to choose your partner correctly, and the most important qualities that must exist,
  To be honest, sincere, and flexible so that you can discuss and share with him easily.
To sit with yourself and put the qualities of the second party in front of your eyes, so that you use your mind away from love and passion.
  Stay away from believing that love is enough to establish a lasting relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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