How to treat a disabled child ???

 ??? How to treat a disabled child

Psychologists stressed that the family is primarily responsible for the care of the disabled child. Therefore, the child must face the situation positively so that the child reaches balance and emotional and emotional balance and to treat many of the wrong behaviors that may occur during the care of the handicapped child so that some cases of disability can be overcome. Behavior The following tips for dealing with the disabled:

Belief in the law of God avoids the family of the disabled child sense of frustration and the sense of inability to bear the additional burdens added to it as a result of caring for the disabled child.

* The child's psychological and material needs must be met because that child has a distinct personality and personality that must be respected.

The constant feeling of the child should not be expressed because he is no longer able to sustain the society and remain in it so as not to suffer from the depression that afflicts him.

* The type of disability in the child can be overcome by developing his senses for the family.

* Conditions must be created to help the child to social growth and self-emotion by trying to keep him away from positions that increase his sense of his problem.

* The etiquette of not to exaggerate the care of the disabled child so as not to depend on others in what needs or does not need because that hinders the growth of personality.

* Taking the family to the disabled child outside the house and helping him to deal with others will make him feel no shortage

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