Natural foods to increase sexual ability ... exist in almost every home

Natural foods to increase sexual ability ... exist in almost every home

With age, sexual desire decreases, especially among men, and perhaps women too. With their preoccupation with children and grandchildren, there are some foods and elements that we offer in a loving manner that are a cause of happiness for the couple. These elements increase the sexual desire of the couple and improve men's performance in the intimate relationship. Food is available in nature

First: Zinc

Testosterone plays a key role in male sexual desire, zinc promotes the production of this hormone and increases the number of sperm. The foods that contain zinc are: oysters, eggs, chicken, peanut butter, milk.

Second: Vitamin E

Vitamin E enhances the production of testosterone and increases fertility. It may also help treat acne, diabetes, six cerebrovascular diseases, as well as increase libido. Remarkably, this vitamin is found in: turnips, blueberries, cauliflower ...

Third: Vitamin B

Vitamin B increases the sexual desire of males, which is found in avocados, eggs, salmon and you can use folic acid which increases the rate of the immune system in the body.

Fourth: Selenium

Helps in the production of sperm, and foods containing selenium are Brazilian nuts, tuna, oysters, oranges and wheat flour.

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