Very secretive (audacity and talk in intimacy)

Very secretive (audacity and talk in intimacy)

: There are unfortunate scenes for couples

The first view is that the couple are engaged in silent intercourse and each of them respects the silence of the other (because they do not lose the moment !!).
- The second scene is that the husband of his wife says to his wife talk to come back and frustrate him: I say, or I love you Yabu Ayali.
As for the wife of her courageous mates to ask him to speak and the possibility if asked to say to her: Shchshsh Khalini focus.
Yazogat couples see speech during intercourse has the work of Viagra and more It raises the partner and increases the pleasure and forget the moment and break the routine.
? But in an important question: how to speak? What can we say

 !!!!. In some couples they can try to speak but they will ruin it

I will give you points in this regard, but before that I will alert you to three important observations regarding speaking when intercourse:
1 - The speech should not sound like an audio or it will be automatically issued as the programmed device, but it should observe the correct timing and method. The speech should be covered with dandruff, sighs and whispers, and vary between whispering and moderate shouting.
2 - avoid repetition in the said and repeat the same words, and at the same time must be focused on the partner partner, he noted that his partner took advantage of a specific word or phrase, then focus on and repeat.
3 - not to talk to the extent of chatter that has the opposite effect and possible end up suffocation or suffocation or mouth mute.
Now these are broad lines as you add

: What the husband says to his wife

1 - Spinning in the sensitive areas of the wife and especially the vagina, praise form and touch and narrow (even if it is) and possible similar to sweet things or that Faraj girl 15 years old ...... These are just examples. This includes the spin on the wife's body and the taste of her lips and the taste of her body and the fullness of her buttocks ... etc.
2- To describe what he is doing to him while he is doing it.
3. Ask her what she likes to do with her and how she wants to move: faster, slower, rougher and gentler.
4. Ask her to describe what he is doing to her, for example: Do you know what I am doing to you now? Or say what's going on inside you now.
5 - to praise their sexual ability and described as fire and burning and inflamed and ... and .... and .... and that (Mo able).

: The wife says to her husband

1 - Tnzl Bhpolth and strength exaggeration, and the dilution of the effects of his actions Vtahl describe the pain and double description of his actions that kills and tear it and it is cruel ....... and it is suffering and fragmentation ... etc. His conception is that he is a supernatural man
2 - (very important) the penis and the actions and the wonders of the size of the penis and exaggerating the description of its size, even if the husband's penis is not visible to the naked eye. As soon as he wiggles his penis, the husband feels overwhelmed with confidence and strength and increases his performance. (This is a secret, try the doubles and share with us the results).
3 - Ask him what you like to work with him.
4 - Request more from the husband and ask him not to stop and determine the method you prefer: faster, slower, rougher and nicer .....
5 - Description of what he is doing and the description is clear. And also surprised by asking him what he does with it.
6 - His question about whether he liked sexual intercourse with her and does not like her vagina .... Radvha .... Her body ......
As you can see, the words and phrases express the excitement and enjoyment of the party and at the same time is irritating and provoking the other party to express his pleasure and agitation speech and deed
At the end of sexual intercourse, the wife should leave the penis member inside the vagina until it relaxes and ejaculates vaginal contractions. This is when the wife is more beautiful and pleasurable than the penetration into the vagina.

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